Recover Deleted Files Onedrive USA 2021

Recover Deleted Files Onedrive USA 2021

Topic: Recover Deleted Files Onedrive USA 2021

We all store files in our smartphones like photos, videos, and even documents but there is always a risk of losing the data in case of mobile theft or data loss so we use an alternative of storing the data in the cloud storage of Microsoft OneDrive.

But what if the cloud storage service which was supposed to protect your data files, loses the files or you accidentally delete the cloud-stored file? Do you know how to recover the deleted files from OneDrive? But be relaxed there are ways to recover those files from OneDrive which have got deleted or lost.

There are a number of methods that you can use to restore the lost files and regain access to the important data. But let us see some main reasons for such a data loss that users sometimes face and some prevention steps they can take.

Though Microsoft already has a lot of security features to keep your OneDrive files safe, it has secured hardware system RAID storage and state-of-the-art, ransomware protection against data loss.

So in this article on Recover Deleted Files Onedrive USA 2021, we will discuss the procedure to recover the deleted files from OneDrive in 2021 with a complete walkthrough.

4 Ways to Recover deleted files from OneDrive 2021

OneDrive is such designed that it takes care of the user’s data and has a number of ways to undo the lost files and restore them-

Method1 – Search Feature to Find

If you are not able to trace the file you want to use this feature –

  •       Login to your OneDrive account
  •       In the top search bar enter the file name
  •       Now wait for the search results to appear

Sometimes files get moved into folders or get shifted to the bottom of the list, if there is no success wait don’t be disappointed there is another way.

Method2 – OneDrive Recycle Bin

Just like our computers and smartphone OneDrive has a Recycle Bin where the deleted files usually get stored,

  •       Login to your OneDrive account
  •       Click on the Recycle Bin option on the left side
  •       Now you will see a list of deleted files, click on the checkbox on the left side of the files you want to recover and click on the Restore button on the top menu bar.

The OneDrive Recycle Bin has a cache period of 30 days, so the deleted file can be easily restored within 30 days from the Recycle Bin.

Now, what if you want a file that has been deleted but has been more than 30 days, are you wondering how to recover the deleted files post 30 days from OneDrive, there is another way.

Method 3 – Restore To Previous Time

To protect the user data from hackers and ransomware, encrypted data protection has been implemented by Microsoft that allows you to recover the OneDrive files to a previous time.

  •       Login to your OneDrive account
  •       If you have logged in with Microsoft 365 subscription go to Setting > Options
  •       If you have logged in with your normal work or school account go to Settings > Restore your OneDrive
  •       Click on Restore your OneDrive option
  •       Click on Verify your Identity
  •       Select date from the drop-down list and click Restore.

This method will help you recover the deleted files from OneDrive of Microsoft’s internal backup for the selected date.

Method 4 – Restore Permanently

This method can be used to restore the files that have been permanently deleted from your cloud or local OneDrive account. To recover the permanently deleted files from OneDrive you have to install any data recovery software.

Here we have given you a procedure using the Disk Drill application, which is easy to use even for beginners, it has a simple user interface and recovers more than 400 file formats. The free version of Disk Drill can recover up to 500 MB of data, so if you have data less than 500 MB it can be recovered for free, so it is recommended to always verify your data before purchasing a license for Disk Drill.

  •       First download and install free Disk Drill for Windows on your computer.
  •       Launch the application and scan the drive where the OneDrive storage folder is located.
  •       Preview all the deleted files from OneDrive
  •       Click the check box on the left side of the files you want to recover
  •       Then click on Recover to regain access to those files.

Recover Deleted Files Onedrive USA 2021

Causes for OneDrive File Loss

Although OneDrive is developed for data security storage purposes, there are chances of file loss due to some reasons here are some of the causes-

Users fault – Mistakes can happen to form anyone, it is normal for users to accidentally delete the files stored in OneDrive in a rush or sometimes by purpose. But the deleted file can be required anytime even after the 30 days completion in Recycle Bin.

Malware attack – Along with the growth of technology there is evolution happening in cybercriminals with improving tactics to hack the data. Data can be hacked and traded for ransomware or infiltrate the files in web storage.

Backup Failures – Sometimes the backups that are set on automation if remain unchecked can miss copying the data due to connectivity reasons or accounts identification failure, especially those which copy real-time.

Recover Deleted Files Onedrive USA 2021 – Final Words

With a rise in the number of cyber attackers, data loss is becoming a more common issue for OneDrive users, but every issue has a solution to it and in the case of OneDrive data recovery there are multiple solutions for it. But having said that data security encryption is also increasing from Microsoft.

Even if you have never been a victim of data loss or have never recovered your lost data of OneDrive you should be aware of the solutions and methods that need to be followed.

To keep your files safer from theft and loss it is ideal to regularly back up your files into an external hard drive regularly, this can give much more protection and save your time to recover the deleted or lost files from your OneDrive.