Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser Useful in USA 2022


Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser


  • BOOST YOUR FITNESS – our professionally designed under desk bike can help you burn calories, decrease stress, tone your legs and improve your mood – all while sitting! Just use the bike to pedal at your desk or while relaxing at home.
  • BONUS FEATURES – we added many free add ons to our elliptical – enjoy the yoga mat and resistance band for your workouts. Use the castor stoppers to stop your chair from moving while pedaling or use the tether to secure the elliptical to your chair. It even has batteries included!
  • CUSTOMIZE THE CHALLENGE – whether your a beginner or a pro, you can choose the level of difficulty you want – simply turn the tension knob to choose from 8 different resistance levels.
  • TRACK YOUR WORKOUTS – we made it super easy to track your workouts – use the LCD monitor to track time, strides, calories burned and more – or use the bluetooth feature to connect your phone to our elliptical!
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – every Lifepro product undergoes rigorous quality control testing, comes with lifetime support from our ‘guiding angels’ and has a built in lifetime warranty – so your never left hanging.


Considering  the day-in, day-out routine of working from home continues to require a unique perspective. Not only have we outfit corners of our living spaces as home offices to support our work needs but we’ve had to significantly modify our fitness routine, as well.

One of the latest entrants to the workday workout is , LifePro Under Desk Elliptical a lightweight, portable, and compact under-desk elliptical designed by a brand whose roots are based in at-home rehab and recovery. Its broad portfolio of products encompasses vibration plates, massagers and massage guns, foldable treadmills, and a FlexCycle Exercise Bike — the predecessor of the elliptical I recently spent time testing.




When we look for Weighing 26.5 pounds, the FlexStride measures 22.7 inches long, 18.5 inches tall, and 12.9 inches wide. There’s no doubt this lightweight, compact piece of equipment is designed for portability and easy migration from chair to chair or room to room.

It is Designed to support a maximum user weight of 110 pounds per pedal, the FlexStride feels solid for its minimal footprint. Its pedals are wide and long to accommodate a range of foot sizes, with lips on the front and back edges to prevent slippage. They’re rugged and textured to keep your feet from sliding but not too rough for those people who prefer to go barefoot.


How to set up

The  Lifepro FlexStride under desk eliptical comes well packaged, perhaps even overly so, as I found out while diving into its heavily fortified box.

Lifepro FlexStride under desk eliptical arrived in a large and sturdy cardboard box reinforced by plastic cords, which acted as handles as shown on Amazon.  Underneath these straps, the box’s edges were tightly sealed with layers of packing tape and a set of flaps that hung over the elliptical’s components or parts as shown on Amazon. It was so securely wedged that I had to flip the box over and slide it out upside-down.

That was the most time-consuming and challenging part of the entire setup as it will not take more than five minutes to go from box to desk once all the components were separated from their packaging.

Parts were two pedals, four bolt and washer sets, a mini wrench, foam stickers, a pair of chair stoppers, two AAA batteries, and the main unit, which was already mounted to its base. The wheeled arms that propel the elliptical pedals were already affixed, as well.


What it’s like to use

The height of the Lifepro FlexStride under desk eliptical allows good clearance under a standard desk height between your knees and the tabletop. The rotational plates aren’t very big, which keeps the height low and makes it a good tool for light mobility and rehabilitation work.

Unfortunately, this trait is what makes it frustrating for athletic types who may want a more intense workout since it keeps our strides tediously small. If we are  using  to clocking high mileage at a fast pace, this flaw may leave you disappointed.

I found the unit to glide smoothly across its different 8 tension levels but it felt as though that fluidity made it hard to determine when it shifted. Lifepro FlexStride under desk eliptical  so smooth that you don’t even notice when it gradually inches away from you (even on carpet). You have to sit close to your desk in order to type and use the FlexStride,.


Should you buy it?

Buying the   Lifepro FlexStride under desk eliptical    depends on your fitness goals. Are you just starting out and seeking to make incremental, small changes? Maybe you’re looking to do some active recovery, maintain or increase mobility, or recover from an injury?

It’s also great for people  who wants to make more efficient use of their seated time and move around a bit while working from home.

If any of these fit your routine, go for it. It’s a low-risk piece of equipment that costs under $200 and can be stowed away at your convenience you can check lastest price by clicking this product even check discounts also.