FITVEN Freestanding Punching Bag


Freestanding Punching Bag



Freestanding Punching Bag

  • 【Just What You Need】: Spend a lump sum of money, you will get a complete set of boxing equipment, a freestanding punching bag and a pair of high-quality boxing gloves, saving time and money.
  • 【Freestanding Kickboxing Bag】: Stands approx 70” tall, fitven punching bag allows you to develop throwing strikes targeted at the entire range of the body, fit for whole family workout-adults, teens and kids(47-73” tall). Great gift for stress release and strength build!
  • 【Shock Absorbing System】: Dual TPU absorbers+4 springs delivers 15-45° fast-rebound, 360° shock and noise absorption. TIP: For more intensive strength training, just remove the spring for less vibration.
  • 【Stable Floor Sucking Base】: 5MM thicken ABS round base facilitates roll relocation easily, combine with 12 strong suction cups help keep the heavy bag in place on smoonth and even floors. Weighs up to 205lbs when filled with sand ensure max stability.
  • 【Durable&Reliable Material】: Designed with multi-layer construction, each layer has been carefully choosen: stainless steel tube stand, eco-friendly fabric buffer, high-density EPE foam and 2mm Premium PU Leather. Tear-resistant, fast rebound and enfolding fillet welding tech in the connenction make long-term onslaught of kicks and punches possible.
  • 【Professional Protection】: Constructed with 10mm thicken foam and pre-curved anatomic hand design, our high quality 12oz gloves give the best protection for you with shock absorption. Make sure you can boxing with confidence!
  • 【Please Note】: Base will be more stable if filled with sand than other fillings. Base and the boxing bag shipped separately due to large size, if you just receive one parcel, please contact us.

FITVEN, designs and produces fitness equipment for years. Especially in punching bag, the bag is designed with advice of professional coach. You need a durable boxing bag, Not a one month bag.

With FITVEN freestanding punching bag, you can get an incredibly intense workout. Round kicks, front kicks, side kicks, this bag will take it all. A stellar full-body workout great for building muscle and burning calories while also improving balance, reaction time and even focus.

Notice Point: Freestanding Punching Bag 

1. Two boxes you will receive: Base and bag shipped separately due to large size. Usually, another parcel arrives on the same day. If not, it will arrive within 1-2 days. Please wait patiently.

2. Moving the whole assembled kick bag: Please insert something thin and hard like playing cards into one cup to dissipate suctions for easy rolling away. Please do not pull up by force!

Freestanding Punching Bag

Product Specification

  • 70”/205lbs Heavy Bag
  • Pro Grade 12oz Boxing Gloves
  • Shock Absorbing System
  • Multi-layer Construction
  • Stable Floor Sucking Base
  • Enfolding Fillet Welding Tech