Body Power Adjustable Bench USA 2021

Body Power Adjustable Bench USA 2021 | Buy On Amazon

  • Design and produce fitness equipment for 20 years.
  • Especially in WEIGHT BENCH, the bench was designed with the advice of a professional coach.
  • You need a durable bench, Not a one month bench.
  • Made of commercial thickness steel.
  • 700 Lbs Weight Capacity
  • Fast Adjustment With Automatic Lock
  • 2″ Soft Foam Padding
  • No Worry Buying
  • Body Power Adjustable Bench USA 2021

Body Power Adjustable Bench USA 2021

Body Power Adjustable Bench USA 2021 has many utilities that make it a staple fitness equipment of the Gym. With the help of it, you can do many types of workouts. 

It is excellent for outdoor as well as home Gyms. The Body Power Bench features nice welds on the joints, sturdy steel built-in, and safety stops.

The body power bench is used to press it to gain fitness benefits. The bench press is a kind of workout that fortifies the muscles of your chest and shoulders. There are different forms of pressing benches. It depends on the intention with which you are pressing the bench. For instance, if you do a narrow-grip bench press, it will benefit your forearms and triceps.

Other benefits of bench pressing include boosting upper body strength, such as arms, chest, and muscular endurance. By using it, your body will transform into a new structure. 

FLYBIRD Body Power Weight Bench

(Price: USD 159.99)

FLYBIRD Body Power Weight Bench is considered one of the excellent adjustable strength training benches for full-body workouts. This weight bench is sturdily constructed with the guidance of professional trainers which ensures its durability. It is made using high-quality commercial steel material. It was thoroughly tested before launching in the market to ensure its safety and convenience.

This is an innovative Body Power Adjustable Bench USA 2021 in style and design. It comes with a unique frame with a triangular shape that provides complete comfort while working out.  This is a unique piece of exercise equipment that you see in the middle of the Gym. It is uniquely designed with 7 back positions and 3 seat positions for the performance of a full-body workout.  You need to adjust the Fast Bolt to the position that fits you and the automatic lock for safety.

FLYBIRD Body Power Weight Bench has an upgraded backrest. Keeping in mind the comfort of the individuals, its seats have been made with pure leather, which is filled with soft foam padding. It supports any type of workout performance. You will not have any problem with this unique Body Power Adjustable Bench USA 2021.

The FLYBIRD Body Power Weight Bench is easy to manage. It comes with a convenient fold size. Once your workout is done, you can put it under the bed, or in any safe corner of your home. You can be sure of its capacity and measurement. It is built-in actual measurement and capacity that fits a lightweight or heavyweight individual easily.

We recommend you to choose this amazing style Body Power Adjustable Bench USA 2021 for your Home Gym. If you intend to be a perfect bodybuilder, this fitness equipment is vital.


  • It is available in attractive black color 
  • It weighs 12 Kg 
  • Faux Leather is used in the building of  this equipment 
  • Item dimensions are 34.65 x 15.94 x 10.63 inches 
  • It has an upgraded backrest of 10.6″ 
  • The folding size of this tool is 30″ L x 16″ W x 9″ H 
  • Its weight capacity is up to 700LB 
  • Suitable for exercise and fitness 
  • Extremely sturdy Weight Bench 
  • It can support a heavyweight person 
  • Ensures product durability 
  • Offers 1-year guarantee



  • No assembly required 
  • Easy to fold 
  • Value for money


  • Can not be installed anywhere

Body Power Adjustable Bench USA 2021

Buying Guide

At present, there are four types of weight benches available in the market.  These include Multi-adjustable Benches, Olympic Benches, Flat-benches, and Specialist Benches. Therefore, you must be sure of the types of weight benches.  Each type has different specifications. So, you should judge them properly. The weight bench takes up a little more space. Therefore, you have to be sure of the space of your house where you will install it.

The capacity, size, and seat of this accessory need to be properly checked. The seat should be soft and comfortable, otherwise, you will find it difficult to exercise. Likewise, you need to make sure the sea’s size of this accessory fits you. An important thing to consider is the weight capacity of the weight bench.

In addition, you must judge its construction. The weight bench should be strong enough to carry an individual of any weight. In short, you should check every part of this amazing body power weight bench while buying.