Best Independent Mortgage Advisor USA 2021

Best Independent Mortgage Advisor USA 2021

Topic: Best Independent Mortgage Advisor USA 2021

When you plan to buy a house or refinance a mortgage, always shop around to find the best lender according to your conditions.

Buying a house or refinancing your mortgage is a big financial decision, so it is always ideal to find the best mortgage advisor/lender you can. You should compare the mortgage rates and other terms of loans like time to close, online application availability, loan tracking and customer services.

You can save thousands of dollars by taking some extra time to check all the factors before making an informed decision. To make your search a little bit easier for independent mortgage advisors in USA we have picked some of the mortgage companies based on a variety of categories based on terms, fees, etc.

Why choose Best Independent Mortgage Advisor USA 2021

Consulting from a mortgage broker can save the time of buyers and the stress of managing loans and processes. Mortgage brokers or companies deal with the paperwork, coordination process and underwritings through which the process becomes more convenient and faster.

Independent Mortgage advisor can provide you with a variety of choices of lenders, types of loans, rates that are suitable as per your requirements. These companies have tie-ups with a number of lenders and providers, you may get an unexpected deal probably less than what you could get on your own.

They can give you insights of the initial evaluation of your mortgage property depending on the neighbouring locality, also you may get a reduction or waiver on fees by the broker.

Best Independent Mortgage Advisor USA 2021


They make home refinance or mortgage simpler and faster, services from Better are available for all Americans. At Better, they make homeownership fast, transparent and low cost for everyone. Better redefines mortgage process from the ground level, with partnering with Aver Funding originator from California specialized in jumbo mortgages for over 10 years.

They have worked online with borrowers without commission loans, and have closed $30 million in Series A and $15 million in Series B funding. They have funded a total of 1 billion loans with thousands of satisfied customers at low pricing.

New American Funding

An all-inclusive mortgage banker, working towards integrity and efficient lending, the New American funding is one of the best mortgage funders in the United States. Get all mortgage processing in-house such as originating, underwriting, funding & servicing for fast and efficient closing for clients.

They are direct lenders, financers, sellers, and service providers teaming with 4500 employees across 173 branches operating nationwide. They hold a service experience portfolio of 210,000 loans worth $55 million. Founded in 2003 by Rick and Patty Arvielo, they have led the company all through becoming a successful industry powerhouse.

Best Independent Mortgage Advisor USA 2021

Rocket Mortgage

When you certainty for your home refinancing Rocket mortgage is a well-known and America’s largest mortgage lender. They play an important role in revolutionizing the mortgage world into the online mortgage experience.

Earlier known as Quicken Loans, with the fast and efficient mortgage services they provide they became to be known for rocket fast service, hence in 2021 Quicken Loans changed their official name to Rocket Mortgage.

Rocket Mortgage is working towards improvising the independent mortgage process through their advisors’ team and making it more effortless.


Alterra is ideal for first-time mortgagers and those with non-traditional income. The name ‘Alter’ refers to change as per Spanish, they work for changing the mortgage processes for the underserved markets for refinancing and homeownership.

The issue that creates roadblocks for homeowners especially the immigrants is handled by Alterra by using loans as an underwriting model and collecting the borrowers mostly self-employed living in combined houses contributing monthly bills.


Connexus offers lower down payment loans and mortgage rates more informational readily and accessible online, it does not offer government-backed mortgages. It allows you to apply and process online for a mortgage but in the progression of the loan, the digital features are limited.

The services offered by Connexus are transparent for independent mortgage advisors on their portal and they have initiated towards more digital for processes of the mortgage application, rate quotes, e-signing of documents, and dedicated mobile app for regular updates and management.


Flagstar provides a wide range of offers for new and seasoned mortgages, online, phone, or visitors to the center. They feature a lot in the range of mortgage rates, types, capability, and home equity are not available everywhere.

Flagstar operates in all 50 states of America and has its retail services in more than half of the total states. They are backed by FHA and VA, they make an ideal option for first-time borrowers with a limited credit history or low credit scores.

Prime Lending

Prime Lending excels in an extensive range of refinance loans and mortgages with a provision for loans for renovation, its mortgage process is offline. They offer a number of mortgages lend including fixed rates and adjustable rates, small and big loans.

Mortgage categories are a variant in the Prime Lending with loans for energy-efficient mortgages, pool escrow lendings, renovation, and construction loans as well. Their services have been rated more efficient that they get most of the leads through references says the executive Vice President.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo has a variety of some of the most world-class mortgage selection range and offers, with competitive rates. They offer an extended list of mortgage services, with small and government mortgages, FHA loans, renovations, and new constructions.

You can access the Well Fargo services online or using their Loan tracker app that connects you with the platform, for offers, rates, applications, and documents with e-signups. Despite the high reviews and records for the past year, Wells Fargo has received a setback.

Best Independent Mortgage Advisor USA 2021


These are independent mortgage lenders advisors in the USA among some of the best evaluated, on their services offered to the customers who regularly shop for a mortgage. The key factors considered by us in this recommendations are service offered, online conveniences, information of rate and fees, latest availability.

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